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About Omnext

Our profile

Omnext provides technology and expertise dedicated to raising the quality and reducing the cost of software development and maintenance.

Our ambitions

Within the markets where Omnext is active, our aim is to become the recognised authority on realizing software quality and cost reduction.  Our goal is to achieve and maintain a leadership role in the field of quality and costs for software systems.

Our general principles

Quality and Integrity
Dedication to high standards and quality is central to how we think and act. Integrity and transparency are embodied in our culture. In order to ensure that we maintain the highest of standards for our clients  we conduct  and will continue to conduct  an annual audit and certification of our processes by independent accountants.

Knowledge and experience
Our Omnext SaaS technology is based on the wide experience we have gained by analysing and improving numerous software systems. Our research utilizes the knowledge and insight assimilated  from many different organizations, systems and markets to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of our technology. In our organisation we pay a great deal of attention to the ongoing development of our professionals’ knowledge. As a result our clients can benefit from the most current understanding of developments and the application of experience in our technology and expertise.

R&D Policy
Our R&D activities are conducted with the aim of providing pragmatic solutions to the challenges involved in consistently improving the quality and reducing the costs of software development and maintenance. We guide all research with two basic questions:
How can we gain and retain insight?
How can we improve, and  become smarter and cheaper?


Omnext b.v. has been a member of ICT~Office since 2001. Backed by businesses with a joint turnover of more than € 30 billion and more than 250 000 employees, ICT~Office is the representative of the IT, telecom, internet, and office sectors. ICT~Office is the branch organization for companies that are active in the IT, telecom, internet, and office sectors in the Netherlands. The activities of ICT~Office consist of: market promotion, representing and providing services to more than 500 members. For more information visit:

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